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Services Overview //

With over 15 years experience developing world-class internet services for businesses, the Interactive Engines® team has the experience and ingenuity to transform your business plan's technology-aspects into reality, no matter how small or large, and in record time.

Our business consulting and development team focuses on the marketing and efficiency aspects of internet software: the strategic process of finding and selecting new brands, relating to trademark, domain acquisition, and user-retention. Our experience helps your business find new brands that avoid conflict with similar trademarks, as well as means to safeguard your brand from defacing by adjacent domains. We assess your current business operation's efficiency and prescribe ways that internet technology can improve it, as well as reduce costs, reduced liabilities associated with 3rd party software, and internal intellectual property leaks. We also provide consulting service and products for marketing, sales, and supply chain management, all suited to your specific business needs.

Our software consulting and development team focuses on the engineering aspects of internet software: the long-term operational planning, as well as software design and implementation phases, each fully tailored to your needs, and optimized for rapid time to market. We also see software as an art: it takes both creativity and experience to produce the world-class software and features your businesses needs to compete.

Our focus-driven and proven software development strategies reduce dependence on 3rd party software components and the inter-tangled web of complexity that can cripple your business's agility, and increase operational costs. We select only technologies that have proven track records of durability both in operation and after upgrades, that can can scale as your business grows, amd are modular with strong integration features. Our customers realize dramatically reduced time complexity and cost. Let us show you! Call or email us and with your concept or specification, we may even build you a working prototype at no cost!

Interactive Engines® strives to provide quality service, no matter what your business size. Large or small, we want you to succeed! Satisfied customers are our most important product!

Here's a sampling of customized software applications we are able to provide:

  • accounting
  • ad-serving
  • calendar and email
  • distance learning
  • file exchange
  • GIS & mapping
  • live and stored audio-visual streaming
  • marketing analytics and lead-forms
  • metadata tagging and search
  • online auction
  • online voting and reviews
  • realtime text streaming
  • social media
  • store fronts, order fullfillment, inventory management
  • text and media search engine/spider
  • virtual reality

Please see the 'Web Apps' tab for more complete list, and technical detail.
Brand and Marketing, Technical Services //

Interactive Engines® can assist with the technology-aspects of your brand selection, and marketing.

  • Selection of unified brand & trademark & domain-name, and final acquisition: is your brand memorable or a liability?
  • Web & email advertising tools and optimization; are "adblock" and content filters affecting your ad?
  • Targeted (biometric/interest) advertising, lead-generation, forms and tracking/analytics, and advanced-usage logging (on-page time, pointer and keyboard tracking).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and semantic-web.
  • Infrastructure Services //

    Interactive Engines® can assist you with technical/infrastructure planning decisions, and ongoing operational/growth strategy.

  • Cloud vs. Hosted vs. On-premises solutions, and hybrid models.
  • High-availability and geo-diversified services.
  • General sysadmin strategy and incident-response planning.
  • Security Services //

    At Interactive Engines®, we know that security is the single most complex & multidimensional, and consequential aspect of mixing software and the Internet. Whether you're launching a new product, or performing a security analysis of existing technology, security is imperative, even for the simplest applications! Technical and socially engineered attacks can devastate your business and reputation. A second opinion can help your business avert catastrophic damage to users' personal information, and negative reputation that will last for many years. Here is a partial list of the technologies we provide analysis and implementation for:

  • e-commerce.
  • advanced user authentication and identity: single sign-on, 2+ factor authentication, federated ID, role-based conditional-access.
  • X509 infrastructure including intermediate authorities, revocation, client logins, email signing, B2B, file crypto.
  • intrusion detection, firewalls, filesystem and network-layer cryptography.
  • web application hardening: code injection, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), cross-site scripting (XSS) and more.
  • Webapp Development Services //

    Advanced webapps:

    Competition on the Internet is fierce. If your website is less compelling that your competitors, you risk losing market share – or being unable to grow it in the first place. You need to continually stay ahead of the pack, with the most engaging features. If you come in 2nd, you give your competitors a crucial edge.

    How do you get that edge? Using technology that's truly ahead of its time.

    Sure, lots of companies can piece together a traditional e-Commerce, business, or social website site from design specifications and backend business-rules that you provide -- and they do it using the same commodity technology that your competitors have access to. But that same commodity technology lacks a comprehensive and unified set of advanced features, if it has any at all.

    Interactive Engines® proprietary ÆCore platform unifies multiple advanced technologies which we developed, into a single and highly integrated platform, that can be added onto almost any web-framework or business system.

    Below are highlights of ÆCore; if you think these don't apply to your business, you may want to reconsider. Call us, let us give you ideas about how each of these can make your site more engaging to users, and increase retention:

    • Real-time streaming of text-data. Much like live audio-visual streaming, live-stream text and metadata lets your website provide browsers with a realtime view into almost any activity. A basic example is real-time chat, where each participant’s text message is visible to multiple viewers. More advanced examples include live stock-ticker tracking; collaborative and concurrent editing of a document; or overview-monitoring of the health and performance of multiple business or communcations systems.
    • Advanced files upload/download: above and beyond simple form or HTML5 uploads, we provide intergrated technologies that allow your users to upload and download large sets of files and folders through a consistent user interface, and their choice of several standard technologies, such as Macintosh(tm) “connect-to-server” or Windows(tm) “web-folders”. Additionally our highly specialized browser-applet allows batch large-file transfers, including folder entire hierarchies, synchronizing changed files, and auto-resuming transfers over unreliable connections (such as WiFi). We also offer options for fast-TCP user-to-server and server-to-server transfers over long distances, as well as multilayer encryption. Examples include online storage/mirroring and backup of personal computers; online photo sharing; and file processing services such as printing or notary or long term archival.
    • Grid based automation: we can give your site the ability to control, automate, and monitor multiple computers that are working in a grid computing infrastructure -- not just internal-grid computers, but also ones behind 3rd party firewalls. Example applications include simple remote control administration or monitoring of workstation or servers, or automation such as file processing and transfers.
    • Metadata everywhere: Every type of content, such as individual files, or logical entities in a database such as a company or person -- even metadata itself -- deserves to have a rich set of metadata. This makes the content vastly more useful and valuable for users, because it enables searching, filtering, grouping and sorting the content, even adding their own metadata. Some example uses of metadata include:
      • extract the date, time, and gps location from video or photos files so users can find the location on a map, and correlate other events that happened nearby at the same time.
      • allow users to tag content (files or comments) with topic-keyword that interest them, allowing others who share same interest to quickly find the content. For example person who share an appreciation for caviar, can “tag” restaurants which carry that menu item, making it easier for others to find.
      • allow users to comment-on and rate not just the subject as a whole, but also the individual quality of that item. For example your website might allow users to rate restaurants, on each of: ambiance, taste, service, price.
      • genealogy is itself a form of metadata that allows defining not just a tree-based relationship between items, but also tracking the changes to the item and it's metadata. For example you may want the ability to let users search what restaurants are owned by a parent company, and also to let users see how those relationships have changed through time. Similarly, changes to a restaurant’s menu's items, or prices, can be made search-able.
    • Federated ID, authentication, and authorization: lets you define what 3rd party groups you trust for managing their own groups of users, for example delegating to your business partners the responsibility of managing which of their employee's have access or control of that companies files, hosted on your site. We provide multiple federation technology options or authentication and authorization controls, as well as two-factor authentication, and X.509 based. Contact us for more information.
    • Federated storage: much like federated logon, federated storage lets you or your customers manage the storage “where and how” of media that your site is providing access to. Customers, and even end- users often want control over where their files are stored, for security and auditing reasons, or bandwidth and proximity reasons. True federated storage entails more than mere CDN or cloud based file hosting; federated storage relies on dedicated and often specialized business rules, together with controls for security and file transport.
    • Synchronized media presentations, Media Is much more than mere images, video and audio – it's also immensely valuable to store metadata, not just about the media element as a whole, but about where in its timeline and X-Y coordinates that a metadata event is located. For example, in photos your users should be able to see which face on the photo belongs to a name, or when in a video timeline an interesting event happened. And when the video play that event, the user interface should also support synchronized events, such as displaying a description of the event when it happens.
    • Advanced email messaging: Email is much more that just sending and receiving normal correspondence with customers, we also give it the ability to auto,mate advanced workflows, for example allowing a user to use simple email to control systems-level automation, for to approve or cancel business processes.
    • 100% Web 2.0 / Ajax: sadly many vendors produce still provide webapps that are web 1.0 based, so they suffer from poor user interfaces and performance. Still other vendors provide Web-2 apps that are not properly designed for semantic-web and search engine optimization. All Interactive engines products and craftsmanship utilize 100% Web-2 support, and support maximum user experience optimizations, maximum responsiveness, and semantic-web.

    Traditional webapps:

    Interactive Engines® provides engineering services for new web-applications, and know-how to modernize existing ones. Do you need rapid time to market for a new and highly customized application? Do you have an existing app with a myriad of 3rd party dependencies which are making maintenance and reliability a nightmare? Reducing complexity is our specialty!
    • lowest-common-denominator engineering philosophy assures maximum agility, prevents technology lock-ins.
    • the right balance of modularity vs tightly coupled integration, and minimizing 3rd party dependencies.
    • user-interface ergonomics, profiling and tuning (fast load times, cache optimization, highly responsiveness user interfaces).
    • mobile apps intergration for Android and IOS.
    • interoperability using W3C and ISO and related standards, reducing or eliminating dependencies on vendor-specific technologies.
    • localization and internalization: multilingual support, and locale-based number currency & date formatting, spell checking, language and name thesaurus, soundex and metaphone searching.
    • accessibility features, navigation, and layouts nominal for hearing and visually impaired users.
    • multimedia and metadata: advertising banners and audio/visual media, content-insertion, live and on-demand HTTP-streaming, Flash-Access?, watermark, ACR.
    • real-time streaming text-data such as new, news, stock tickers, and text-chat.
    • publishing tools and format-conversion, RTF/HTML, Wiki, RSS, PDF and others.
    • email based user-input and notifications.
    • social network integration.
    • e-learning / distance learning.
    • high performance / long distance file IO.
    • large scale and high-availability CPU and storage, on-site or cloud/grid/CDN based.
    • custom search indexing/spidering of file, database, and remote content.
    • Global Information Services (GIS) and GPS services.
    • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) a.k.a SQL, and LDAP data-sources.
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