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Interactive Engines software products provide the following features standard:

  • Enterprise-strength features at a small business price.
  • Full product support and complimentary customizations.
  • Full support for on-site, cloud, and hybrid hosting.
  •  Interactive Engines Core API and library: a fully self-contained, lightweight, easy to use, yet comprehensive and robust service-provider framework.
  • Fully modern Web 2.0 client-driven UI, semantic-markup, friendly-URL and intuitive navgation, and cross-browser interoperability.
  • Full i18n / internationalized date, number, and translated-text support.
  • Comprehensive user-profile and personalization database, with user, role and metadata security.
  • All webapps operate in stand-alone or middleware Apache Tomcat, and related Java™ web servers.
  • Operating system independence, supporting Linux 2.6 and newer; Windows&trad; MacOS™.
  • Ultra small application size, server memory and CPU footprint, yet high-performance for 1000s of simultaneous users, all on low cost and multi-tenant hardware.
  • Multiple scalability modes supported.
  • Robust error detection, recovery, and reporting services.

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