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Interactive Engines© Search is a text and metadata search indexing framework.

Search functions inside robust and lightweight stand-alone Java web servers such as Apache Tomcat, or can be integrated into compatible web servers such as Apache web server.

Search is easily integrated into any application that requires live search results and updates, customized search fields, administrator and user-definable scoring and ranking, and custom document parsers. Search can simultaneously update indexes and search results, with content from text files, databases, encrypted sources, external websites (via our Robot API), and other sources you define.

Based on Apache Lucene, Search expands the offering with fully web-based, on-the-fly configuration and logging, event-driven (live) indexing of document changes, as well as fully customizable search-federation, to provide filtered and secure multi-user and multi-organization search.


  • Fully customizable search and results interface.
  • Index and search any data source, including SQL, files, websites.
  • Live search index updates using event-driven model.
  • Available as a framework to build upon, or as finished customized interface.
  • Multi-user and multi-iorg search federation with filtering and pluggable security.
  • Customizable search suggestion, synonym, and spell checker.
  • Full integration support for Asset Manager metadata and automation.
  • Full API exposure for custom applications.
  • Web-Service support for metadata and search operations.
  • High efficiency Web-2.0 interface.

Sample applications:

  • Enterprise search.
  • External website index and search.
  • Storefront product and specification search.
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