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Interactive Engines© Filemanager is an Internet based file storage collaboration solution.

Filemanager functions inside of robust and lightweight stand-alone Java web servers such as Apache Tomcat, or can be integrated into compatible web servers such as Apache web server.

Accessible via any web browser; and the built-in WebDAV access in most operating systems, Filemanager provides a power platform for building your own custom solution that for file-based collaboration, review and approval, and custom workflow.

Filemanager's modular design and easy-to-use API enables easy integration with the Asset Manager and Broadcast products, or your own custom components, and takes full advantage of database technology to track and quickly search millions of files, their intrinsic metadata, as well versioning, user and community-driven tagging and keywords.

Filemanager's full API and scripting model enables fully custom logic, in simple text/scripted files; or if desired, can be embedded inside more complex servlet or class-library form.

This event driven API allows you to automate and trigger virtually any action such as logging or conditional-access controls based on metadata. For example file changes can be trigger version-archival, and email alerts.

For server storage, Filemanager supports on-the-fly strong file encryption and decryption of files; volume spanning and multiple high-availability replication, backup, and quota strategies.


  • Access to files through WebDAV, HTML5 and HTML4 file upload.
  • Java Applet for batch/recursion/sync file upload and download.
  • Available as a framework to build upon, or as finished customized interface.
  • Full directory and access control virtualization.
  • Full integration support for Asset Manager and metadata and automation.
  • Full API exposure for custom applications.
  • Web-Service support for metadata and file operations.
  • High efficiency Web-2.0 interface.

Sample applications:

  • File collaboration/sharing and custom workflows.
  • File annotation and tagging.
  • Full system and user metadata support.
  • Cloud based file-backup.
  • Content management systems.
  • iPad and Android mobile file access
  • General purpose WebDAV services.
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