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Interactive Engines  Broadcast™ is a streaming media platform for both live and pre-recorded Internet multimedia presentations in the MPEG standard formats, as well as Flash© video, including pseudo-streaming of flv and MP4 media, and built-in MOOV atom correction. Broadcast supports live streaming of audio and HD video standards encapsulated in the MPEG TS standard (ISO/IEC 13818-1 Transport Stream) and is compatible with Apple©'s HTTP Live Streaming, MP3, AAC, and also Flash audio/video in the FLV standard.

Broadcast is a super lightweight plugin for Apache Tomcat and similar servers, and can be operated standalone mode, or integrated into web servers such as Apache web server.

Broadcast's powerful API and scripting model allows embedding fully custom logic, in simple text/scripted files; or if desired, inside of more complex/compiled servlet or class-library form. This event driven API allows you to automate and trigger virtually any action such as logging or conditional-access controls, and using metadata inside the streams. For example MP3 audio in the Icecast© format can trigger logging events based on current song and listener statistics.

Broadcast also supports live stream archival, allowing on-the-fly archival to disc of live streams.

Stream relaying is yet another powerful feature of Broadcast – configure multiple servers to relay from a master stream, providing horizontal scaling for large audiences, or distributed servers across long distance for improved quality of service. Stream relaying is also a powerful bandwidth saving feature for large audiences behind a limited-bandwidth network access point -- many users can view an outside stream -- which only consumes one slot.

Broadcast also supports supports delivery of archived / file-based formats such as MPEG-TS, MP3, AAC and MPEG-4 H.264 and AAC). A built-in MPEG4 metadata extractor allows meta-data-driven presentation and access rules, as well as providing random-access stream playback, from modern media players including Quicktime© and Flash©. For server storage Stream also supports on-disc strong file encryption, and on-the-fly delivery decryption.

A powerful delivery and monitoring API rounds out the offer by enabling custom instrumentation to monitor streams, as well as dynamic bandwidth adjustment per-user, for both live and archived streams.

Here's just a small sampling of possible applications for Broadcast:

  • Live Internet TV and Radio
  • Online movie rental
  • User driven music recommendation station.
  • Distance learning
  • Bandwidth aggregation
  • Content logging for license compliance and reporting metrics.
  • Interactive user engagement such as voting/rating and keyword tagging
  • Synchronized presentation of HTML and other content types

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