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Asset Manager:

Interactive Engines Asset Manager™ is an easy to use, yet feature-rich Digital Asset Management and Document Management platform to securely store, organize, manage and search millions of assets. Asset Manager enables teams to collaboratively tag file-based as well as federated network assets, all through a high-performance web 2.0 interface, to rapidly describe individual and large collections of assets. A fully customizable metadata schema lets you add-in definitions for almost any business process. A plugable rules-engine lets you add custom workflows and rules for tagging standard as well as user-defined metadata types, such as author, copyright, creation and revision dates, and access-rights. Asset Manager also supports plugable metadata readers to read and store intrinsic metadata and schemas. Content can be tagged in image X & Y axis, video timelines, GIS locations, and other custom media types and coordinate systems.


  • Fully customizable layout and appearance.
  • Integrates with most security and access control systems.
  • Integrates with most metadata schemas and extraction systems.
  • Store, index, tag and search millions of items in milliseconds.
  • Store, about files, URLs, and virtual resources.
  • Compound search criteria (AND, OR, NOT, Fuzzy, Range, Synonym).
  • WebDAV integration for storage and access from Mac, PC, and mobile devices.
  • Full-text search integration with customizable scoring and synonym search.
  • Customizable versioning, publishing, and workflows.
  • Search robot integration.
  • Web-service interface for updates, search and retrieval.

Asset Manager is suitable for use in a wide range applications. In fact, just about ANY application can benefit from its powerful metadata and correlation capabilities. Example applications:

  • Photo and Video library.
  • Document management, publishing and archival.
  • Storefront catalog with browse filters by price, features, rating.
  • Online file and segment based collaboration and approval work-flows, versioning.
  • User and group management systems.
  • GIS tagging.

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